Digital Exhibits


The exhibition can be seen using any popular web browser that supports HTML 5.0 either on Mac or on Windows (also on i-pads).  Help can be accessed by clicking on the '?' button at the top left of each application screen. For best viewing conditions, the user should right click on the application screen and select 'Fullscreen' on the popup window.

The application consists of 13 high resolution panoramas.  The folded map (top left of the screen) reveals the exhibition topview.  The clickable blue circles locate the position of each panorama, while the red solid circle shows the current panorama.  Information is also given for each item.  You can see each item by clicking on it.

For best exploration of panoramas, the use of a mouse with a wheel is recommended. By keeping the left mouse button continuously clicked, the user can move at any direction in the panorama.  The mouse wheel allows for zooming in / out.

Alternatively the navigation bar can be used (bottom left, two opposite arrows).  It has three additional buttons:
x: enter fullscreen
Small house: return to initial position in current panorama
Circular arrow:  Brief exhibition presentation

If the screen remains idle for 2 minutes, it carries out a six minute presentation of the exhibition which can be interrupted by the user at any time by clicking the mouse

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